Manasa Devi



MaheshaBSD is a Tantric FreeBSD project.

MaheshaBSD is a FreeBSD project that I started in the year 2010 because of my love to FreeBSD. MaheshaBSD-1.0, the first release, is FreeBSD LiveCD distribution based on FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE. Then I started with USB projects. MaheshaBSDMaheshaBSD-2.0 is a Live CD modular toolkit based on FreeBSD 9.0 (i386) that has also its server version. The server version is MaheshaBSD Server and it is a USB Live image you may download here.

MaheshaBSD is also on Youtube.

The homepage of MaheshaBSD is at www.freebsd.nfo.sk here.

You may donate some money to support this project, or you may use MaheshaBSD with friends and dance.